The Future Of Work Is Shifts, Not Jobs

At Shiftsmart, we’re building the future of labor. Our platform powers the modern workforce with over 800,000 workers in 50+ countries, and customers that include Google, Deloitte, McDonald’s, and Facebook. Since the inception of the business, we have grown 2-3x annually, with over 1M shifts worked. We empower hourly workers to find more work, increase their earnings, and control their own schedules, while also enabling employers to increase fulfilment, reduce turnover, and improve quality.

We're Committed To You

Our culture starts with our people.  Every team member believes in growing together. We work hard, shift fast, and are 100% committed to our mission of increasing every worker's quality of life.

We are part of something bigger and are always looking for creative, out of the box thinkers to join the growing Shiftsmart team.

We Believe In Flexible Work

Work should accommodate life, not the other way around. We don’t believe in traditional 9-5 workdays, facetime, or unnecessary meetings - we empower everyone on our team to design the life they want at work and outside of it.

We Get Shift Done

Our vision is ambitious: we’re building technology that is going to change the way people all over the world think about work. It’s exciting (and sometimes a little stressful) but working at Shiftsmart means building something with a real-world impact.

“What I love most about the culture here at Shiftsmart is that everyone is really hard-working and team-oriented. We all work really hard to solve big problems and have each other’s backs.”

Anna Powell

Business Development Lead

"Everyone here is really nice and willing to give a helping hand when you need it.”

Darren Corprew

Client Operations Lead

“What excites me every day about working at Shiftsmart is being able to work on some of the most interesting problems for some of the most prominent and well-known companies in the world.”

Sid Singh

Senior Director, Customer Success

“What makes Shiftsmart different from other places I’ve worked is that here you’re really empowered to not only point out problems, but also be given the resources and support to solve them.”

Adam Jaskol

Senior Director, Customer Success

How We Work

Our core values were created by our employees and drive everything about how we support each other and deliver for our customers.

Execution Is Binary

We are relentless in our drive to deliver on our commitments. We ruthlessly prioritize, communicate often, and are willing to let fires burn in pursuit of what really matters.

Own It, Finish It

We touch the bottom of the ocean and consider no job too small. We self-serve, help ourselves, take the problem as far as we can, and when needed ask others for help. We own our mistakes.

Honesty Over Harmony

We share the truth even when it is painful. We have the meeting in the meeting. We embrace mutual feedback and hold each other accountable, as individuals and as teams. We ask ourselves: “Did I ask them? Did I tell them?”.

Inputs > Outcomes

We think in terms of value chains and focus on the process. We prioritize and solve our Partners’ and Customers’ problems over our own convenience.

Be Leverage, Build Leverage

We build bridges and recognize we can all teach, coach, and mentor each other. We strive to make ourselves redundant and avoid single points of failure.

Invent & Wander

We constantly invent, measure, and iterate. We do things that don’t scale. We reject the phrase “That is how it’s always been done” and don’t let perfect get in the way of better.

Mistakes + Reflection = Progress

We try without fear and learn without ego. We make good mistakes. We seek, accept, and apply feedback.

Lead With Data

We use facts, not fiction, to build narratives and make decisions. We believe strong hypotheses are the start, not the end. We respect each other’s time and show up with the data and an explanation for what it means.

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