Optimizing Your Labor Network

Reinventing how your business sources, schedules, deploys, manages, pays, and reviews its workforce


Shifts are intelligently connected and coordinated with workers in real-time, everytime.

Fill every shift quickly with qualified, experienced and trained workers

Create the flexible schedules that your workers want and your business needs

Reward top workers with more opportunities and career advancement

Manage large, geographically distributed workforces with ease

Powerful Technology Built to Deliver Results

The Shiftsmart Technology Platform matches skilled workers with companies that need to flex their workforce to meet changing business needs. With award-winning apps designed for modern workers and managers, the platform provides an intuitive experience through every stage of this hiring & labor management process


Workers & Track In-Depth Profiles

Surface 1000s of qualified, experienced workers instantly based on profiles with work experience, credentials, and relevant performance metrics


Workers with Speed & Scale

Screen, train, and prepare workers for your labor network with onboarding journeys and place ready-to-go workers in custom labor pools for easy access


with Automated Workflows

Create optimized schedules using custom rules & templates that adjust staffing levels to latest business needs and match time slots to worker availability


Shifts & Fill Open Slots In Minutes

Flex up your schedule by sending available shifts to workers through prioritized in-app or SMS shift dispatch - starting with high-performers and then reaching out to more labor pools


Work Performance In Real-Time

Monitor and analyze up-to-date metrics that track shift fill rate, GPS-verified attendance, and productivity benchmarked against others in your industry


with Workers at Scale

Organize, prioritize, and respond automatically to messages from your entire workforce with integrated in-app and SMS text messaging


Workers in Days, Not Weeks

Make faster payments your best recruitment and retention tool by paying workers within 24 hours of their shifts with real-time transfers to debit cards and payroll integrations


Shifts & Reward Performance

Leverage manager ratings, detailed attendance, and work performance metrics to identify high quality workers and recognize them with bonuses, extra shifts, and new opportunities

The Depth & Breadth of Our Technology

The Shiftsmart Technology Platform transforms every aspect of labor management. Advanced capabilities bring unparalleled speed, flexibility, and results to onboarding, scheduling, performance management, and more
Onboarding & Training
Scheduling & Shift Dispatch
Next-day Payments
Temp Staffing Requests
Reporting & Analytics
Performance Management
Time & Attendance

Ready to unlock success, speed, and scale for your business?