Our Operating Principles

We are here to build the world’s leading platform for hourly workers and enterprises enabling flexibility, choice, and upward social mobility.

Execution is Binary

We #GetShiftDone. We take immense pride in both the quality of our work and our relentless determination to deliver on our commitments. If we say we are going to do something, we do it.

Missionaries, Not Mercenaries

We before me. We believe in our mission to build a better world for workers. We understand why our work matters and take seriously how it impacts our customers and our partners. This belief permeates everything we do from the strategic to the mundane.

Inputs > Outcomes

We work really hard. Fundamentally changing how labor works is not easy. It often requires long days, late nights, and weekends to deliver on our commitments. We lean into this challenge.

Honesty Over Harmony

We share the truth even when it is painful. We do not, however, share the truth callously to hurt people’s feelings or make them look bad. We also assume positive intent. If someone is not delivering in a way that we need, we ask them and tell them before assuming the worst.

Invent & Iterate

We are inventors @ heart. We categorically reject the phrase “that is how it’s always been done”, and constantly discover new and better ways to do more with less. This means we are resourceful and often do things that don’t scale, only to create ways to scale them later. We’re builders.

Our Culture

Behind every great vision, there is a powerful team.

Our opportunity is massive, and we work hard to #GetShiftDone. We are committed to hiring and retaining the best people, and we believe in growing together to bring our mission to life. We believe in and offer training and development through an apprenticeship model, working closely with our leadership team and our operators. 

We have a flagship office in Manhattan and a distributed team across North America. We offer meaningful equity, discretionary vacation and personal & family leave, and most importantly, the opportunity to work with a rapidly growing, early-stage startup.

Do you want to operate at 30,000 feet AND drive impact on the ground? 

Experience Shiftsmart

“Every day at Shiftsmart brings a new opportunity that pushes me to learn and grow professionally. I feel very lucky to collaborate with such a great group of professionals!”

Tess Wicks

Market Manager, Circle K

“What excites me every day about working at Shiftsmart is being able to work on some of the most interesting problems for some of the most prominent and well-known companies in the world.”

Sid Singh

VP, Customer

"Working with high achieving colleagues provides daily inspiration to make our company the best it can be, both for our fulfillment as employees and as part of a team revolutionizing labor. I love the challenges we tackle as we grow – it motivates my own professional growth."

Clarin Gniffke

Manager, Privacy & Compliance

“Everyone here is really nice and willing to give a helping hand when you need it.”

Darren Corprew

Senior Lead, Client Operations

“I’m excited by Shiftsmart’s model of labor flexibility, because our mission creates equality and equal opportunity, which we need more of in the world.”

Elle Resor

VP, Sales

“What makes Shiftsmart different from other places I’ve worked is that here you’re really empowered to not only point out problems, but also be given the resources and support to solve them.”

Adam Jaskol

Senior Director, Client Solutions

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