Using Weekly Pulse Surveys to Engage and Retain Your Employees

Aakash Kumar
Founder & CEO
May 19, 2022

Annual performance reviews are dated, cumbersome, and ineffective at keeping employees engaged and motivated. In today’s hyper-competitive talent market, companies can benefit by replacing this antiquated practice with regular employee check-ins that identify successes and growth opportunities in real-time.

Weekly pulse surveys, like the ones we use here at Shiftsmart, can measure your company’s performance across quality of life, work flexibility, teamwork and other key levers used to attract and retain top talent. Powered by technology, these surveys establish a two-way communication that can deepen your employees’ connection to the organization, build empathy across teams, and contribute to a stronger work culture.

Read my latest article in Fast Company to learn more about the benefits of replacing annual reviews with weekly pulse surveys.


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