TMCNet Exclusive Interview with Shiftsmart Founder & CEO Aakash Kumar About the Future of Work

Aakash Kumar
Founder & CEO
November 3, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted nearly every business across all industry sectors.

Where, how and when employees worked had to be reinvented, forever changing the structure of the traditional workday. In addition to the lasting impact COVID-19 has had on businesses and the world at large, it has accelerated emerging trends in the workforce, creating a more worker-centric labor model.

I spoke with TMCNet about trends in the workforce and the pivot to a skills-based, flex economy. Shiftsmart believes the flexible, fractionalized work model is the future of the labor force and has developed an end-to-end labor management platform in support of the modern worker and their employers. Our platform supports the evolving needs of the modern worker and helps companies transition to flexibility managing their workforce.

Shiftsmart is dedicated to our mission of improving the quality of lives for workers, by connecting companies with skilled workers to increase fulfillment, reduce turnover and improve quality. As the economy evolves, our company continues to stay on top of trends, benefiting our worker community.

To read more about what Shiftsmart sees for the future of work, click here.

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