The Race to Vaccinate America’s Cities and States

Kyle Smialek
Vice President, Operations
February 2, 2021

Millions Wait for Their Turn

It’s been nearly a year since the pandemic hit the United States, and Americans can finally begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel as COVID-19 vaccines roll out into their communities. 

States and cities across the country are challenged to manage the distribution for millions of people and ensure their most vulnerable populations are vaccinated first. With little notice and various numbers of vaccines at any given time, and sometimes even delayed shipping, it is logistically difficult and frustrating for government entities to plan properly. 

On the other side, the public feels frustrated too, especially our most vulnerable populations across America. From seniors who cannot navigate the internet fast enough to lock in an appointment, to not having access to cell phones, computers and technology to secure a vaccine. Phone lines are receiving thousands of calls at one time giving citizens a disconnected message or a busy signal for hours. The overall experience can not only be frustrating but discouraging for citizens.

Getting Our Most Vulnerable Citizens Vaccinated

Unprecedented times require innovative ways to work together to get people quickly vaccinated to overcome this deathly worldwide pandemic. When states and cities invest in the right technology for their citizens we can efficiently get vaccines into arms faster with little frustration.

To deliver on a high quality citizen experience at scale for our client, Shiftsmart’s leveraged its extensive worker network & advanced technology to go from initial scoping to fully operational in under 48 hours.

Complete Client Setup in Less Than 48 Hours for Major US City

In January 2021, a major US City saw firsthand how quickly and efficiently Shiftsmart met their COVID-19 vaccination needs. Shiftsmart’s work-from-home agents supported all aspects of the vaccine rollout including inbound call center vaccine scheduling, inbound tech support, and Shiftsmart provided onsite staffing at vaccination distribution centers. With Shiftsmart’s technology platform we deployed a fully trained dynamic contact center with a zero wait time to citizens so that agents could troubleshoot issues, sign up citizens for more appointments, and get the most vulnerable citizens vaccinated faster.

  • Inbound Call Center for Scheduling - Agents took calls from citizens, with many seniors, to complete first and second dose vaccine appointments.
  • Inbound Call Center for Tech Support - Agents responded to citizens and providers and resolved tech issues, including advanced issues that require city-specific knowledge or systems access.
  • Onsite Staffing - Shiftsmart workers were on-the-ground supporting providers at distribution sites with on-site tech support for seniors, crowd control, and second dose scheduling.

How We Can Support Your Vaccine Rollout Within 72 Hours

Shiftsmart has a track record of delivering success, scale, and speed for our clients.

  •  Experienced Agents - Drawing from our network of over 350,000 workers, Shiftsmart screens, and trains highly-skilled agents for each project. Agents are selected based on Shiftsmart’s proprietary data on their prior work performance.  Once client specific agents are selected, they are quickly onboarded, trained, scheduled and deployed. 
  • Flexible Volumes & Surge Support - Shiftsmart can execute volumes from 10 to 10K hours per day. We can offer dynamic and fast levels by flexing staffing levels up or down to meet your business needs. We can bring in Shiftsmart agents to supplement your existing team or operate your end-to-end contact center. 
  • Seamless Technology Integration -  Shiftsmart agents work seamlessly with your tech processes and tooling, ensuring your customers' same quality experience. On the backend, Shiftsmart’s data-driven monitoring and dashboards track compliance with your workflows & company policies and proactively flag issues.
  • 72 Hours For Implementation - New projects have gone from initial scoping to fully operational in under 48 hours with Shiftsmart’s extensive worker network and advanced technology to enable rapid contact center launches.
  • Hour 0: Scope is confirmed and we have partnered with the client to define custom programs across channels, technology, & scripting
  • Hour 24: We prepare a workforce by training, onboarding, and scheduling
  • Hour 48: Agents are deployed and the call center is live with spare agents ready to respond to demand surges
  • Hour 72: The Call Center is optimized by refining tech configuration, scripting, & training based on early performance data   

Shiftsmart Will Optimize Your Vaccine Contact Center

With a fraction of Americans vaccinated, Shiftsmart is the best vaccine management for states and cities. Shiftsmart is built on pioneering technology and connects today’s dynamic workforce with government entities facing complex staffing requirements due to COVID. By empowering workers with more hours, better pay, and greater opportunity, Shiftsmart creates a mutually beneficial labor ecosystem for individuals and organizations alike.

Shiftsmart has experience rapidly deploying agent contact centers for large and worldwide companies. Dynata is a global marketing research firm where we deployed agents and 600K hours of calling at a higher efficiency than in-house agents. At the Small Business Administration (SBA) Shiftsmart rapidly deployed inbound call center reaching 10,000 hr/day in agent capacity over a weekend. 

Contact us today to learn how you can adapt your vaccination rollout quickly and efficiently with Shiftsmart.

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