Shiftsmart wins the 2021 North American Inspiring Workplaces Awards under the Corporate Social Responsibility category

Aakash Kumar
Founder & CEO
July 15, 2021

Shiftsmart has been named as a Gold Award Winner in the 2021 North American Inspiring Workplaces Awards. It is humbling to be recognized under the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) category, as our company has been dedicated to making an impact on the communities we serve.  

Our mission from the beginning has been to be worker centric and to increase every worker’s quality of life. In 2020, the modern labor market changed drastically as a result of COVID-19 and Shiftsmart was able to swiftly react to ensure our worker base would have a place to look to for support. We saw hundreds and then thousands of our workers losing shifts due to the capacity limitations imposed on restaurants and hotels. To answer this spiking need, we launched a nonprofit initiative, Get Shift Done, to assist the displaced service industry workers find opportunities for supplemental income through our app.  

The award recognizes Shiftsmart for our initiative, Get Shift Done, and the impact we made on both the workforce and the wider social contribution to hunger relief. It also recognizes the thousands of Shiftsmart workers who wanted to continue to work during the pandemic. We heard from many of them that working at the food banks through Get Shift Done not only provided them supplemental income, but helped their mental wellness by working to help others in need.  

In the first 12 months Get Shift Done:

  • Provided, packaged, distributed, delivered and/or served 60 million meals in 12 regions across the United States
  • 28,000+ individuals who lost their paychecks due to the pandemic registered with the program via the Shiftsmart platform
  • One million shifts were completed
  • 110 hunger relief non-profit organizations received help from Get Shift Done workers
  • Unemployed individuals were paid nearly $15 million from the Get Shift Done initiative

Throughout this period, Shiftsmart employees willingly dedicated themselves to ensure that the Get Shift Done initiative and new platform innovations ran smoothly during a tumultuous time for both our customers and partners. 

It is an honor to be recognized by the 2021 North American Inspiring Workplaces Awards. This recognition is dedicated to our workers and to our internal team and is truly a testament to their inspirational work. To learn more about the award click here

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