Finalists in Annual World Changing Ideas list 2021 | Shiftsmart

Patrick Brandt
Co-founder & President
May 12, 2021

At Shiftsmart, we pride ourselves in our people centric platform empowering the modern workforce. Additionally, we strongly believe that we are a contributor to our community, especially when we have a unique capability to serve. In 2020, when the challenges of COVID-19 impacted our partners, Shiftsmart launched Get Shift Done, a non-profit initiative to provide direct income to unemployed food and service industry workers while providing skilled shift work to food banks and other nonprofits providing critical resources for hunger relief. Much has been written about this creative solution to multiple challenges faced during the pandemic - the rise in food insecurity, the shortage of volunteers in food banks, and the sudden loss of employment for so many. Leveraging the Shiftsmart operations team and technology platform, Get Shift Done was able to serve 60 million meals and pay out $15 million of wages (all funded by generous donations to the program).

It is quite an honor to be recognized by Fast Company to be included in the 2021 World Changing Ideas list for Shiftsmart and Get Shift Done's work over the last year. Shiftsmart is listed under the Corporate Social Responsibility category, and Shiftsmart's initiative Get Shift Done was a finalist in both the Pandemic Response and Food categories. We are grateful to Fast Company for showcasing the entire Shiftsmart team and all the supporters who worked together to make an outsized impact on so many affected by the pandemic. To learn more click here.

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