Shiftsmart CEO and Founder Aakash Kumar gave exclusive interview to DotCom Magazine about the platform and incredible year

Aakash Kumar
Founder & CEO
April 21, 2021

In 2020, Shiftsmart has seen tremendous growth across the platform. Last year and all of its difficulties brought out the best in our team, challenging them to create innovative solutions to issues the modern day workforce had not seen. I recently had the chance to virtually “sit down” with DotCom Magazine’s Editor-In-Chief, Andy Jacob to chat about our new initiatives and entrepreneurship in general. 

DotCom Magazine is a leading news platform providing in-depth interviews with the world’s top newsmakers, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs. Their Entrepreneur Spotlight Interview Video Series, that I participated in, looks at business through the lens of a successful entrepreneur’s mindset. Andy and I had a great discussion about Shiftsmart, what we stand for and the marketplace as a whole. 

It was a pleasure to speak with Andy and I encourage you to listen to our chat on the DotCom website.

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