Protect Your Brand with Shiftsmart’s Safety Audits

Aakash Kumar
Founder & CEO
March 18, 2021

Safety is Still Key During COVID

The global pandemic has forever changed our lives and we had to adapt how we work, live, shop and do basic things. People are more aware of their surroundings and safety is top of mind when they leave their homes. 

One thing we know is that the pandemic is not over, and we must remain vigilant and continue to adhere to safety measures and precautions. This is especially true for businesses, many have had to change operations countless times over the course of the pandemic. We all look forward to a “post pandemic world,” but for now businesses must continue putting safety first for their customers as they reopen.   

Protect Your Brand and Customers 

For businesses and brands to not be disrupted online or around the world, they need to ensure a safe, consistent, compelling experience for their customers. It can be difficult for businesses to guarantee a consistent standardized experience for customers when it’s impossible to visit every location around the country or the world.  Businesses also have difficulty accessing, standardized, trustworthy data that leadership can use to compare performance, manage people, and make informed decisions. 

Shiftsmart is helping businesses around the world navigate how to reopen -- and stay open -- safely during the COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks to Shiftsmart business audits, businesses can access market research and retail intelligence through evaluation of sales performance, operational compliance, and more so you can maintain your standards and maximize your customer experience.

Shift How You do Business with our Safety Audits 

During the pandemic a leading hospitality company with over 950 properties reopened to guests. The executive team mandated a global set of safety protocols and with locations around the world the organization struggled to know whether the standards were being reliably followed at each of their hotels. This lack of visibility put their brand, employees, and most importantly, their guests at risk during this uncertain time. 

Within two weeks Shiftsmart built and executed a global safety audit program across their wide-ranging portfolio. Instead of using multiple subcontractors with varying levels of quality and cobbled-together data, Shiftsmart served as a single centralized partner. 

Guaranteed to Quickly and Safely Re-open 

Shiftsmart quickly pulled our 400,000+ workers in 25 countries to perform quantitative and qualitative evaluations for the hospitality company. High-quality auditors were a top priority for the hospitality company’s team because the safety audit program required the auditor to interact with the hotel GM and its employees, so a professional demeanor was paramount. Unlike a standard mystery shopping program, Shiftsmart engaged every potential auditor in a rigorous screening process followed by comprehensive virtual training. This ensured that no matter the property location, the organization could rely on the auditor’s performance and the quality of their data. 

As hotels competed for a significantly reduced number of travelers, the hospitality company needed to open its doors with confidence. Shiftsmart successfully audited 50% of its global portfolio, approximately 400 locations, in the first two months of the program. With real-time data and custom report cards for properties that failed the audit, hotel GMs gained the information and insight they needed to make meaningful changes, fast.

From running compliance audits on branded locations to gaining visibility into third-party sales tactics, assessing a digital buying experience to calculating order accuracy at a restaurant, Shiftsmart gives you the information and visibility you need to make informed, data-driven decisions. 

  • Fast results. Get up and running fast and see results almost as quickly with our responsive team, agile operations, and always-on workforce. 
  • Comprehensive analysis. Access McKinseyquality insights without the premium price tag through Shiftsmart’s unique perspective and in-depth analysis. 
  • Geographic breadth. Evaluate locations across countries and continents with our global workforce.
  • Flexible scope. Work with Shiftsmart to design your custom audit based on business objectives, then adapt as necessary to changing circumstances or requirements. 
  • Reliable, trustworthy data. Depend on our algorithmic approach for data and results that you can trust, including cutting-edge fraud detection and prevention.
  • Highest quality workers. Send out top performers, filtered from specific demographics, with Shiftsmart’s deep pool of on-demand workers and cutting-edge performance management system.
  • Extensive training. Ensure that every mystery shopper is fully trained to your requirements by real people (not via email), as often as you need.

Operational Excellence with Safety Audits 

With Shiftsmart, this leading hospitality company achieved unprecedented insight into property performance during a critical time for its business. The Shiftsmart safety audit program enabled the hospitality brand to considerably decrease program overhead and cost. In just seven months, Shiftsmart performed over 700 consistent, trustworthy audits in 50+ countries on six continents.

The hospitality brand also was able to respond to dynamic circumstances in real time, learn within 24 hours if there was a failure on employee mask compliance and quickly remediate locations with employee non-compliance using a 15-point location report card that leadership could forward directly to the hotel GM for immediate action and issue resolution. Most importantly the safety audit program boosted customer satisfaction and loyalty with a safe, consistent guest experience.

Shiftsmart can help you re-open your business with our safety audits that deliver deeper insights with the power of the modern workforce. Visit or email to learn more about our range of custom business audit solutions.


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