Customer Experience Trends, Challenges and Innovations

Sahil Mehta
Vice President, Sales
September 22, 2021

I recently presented a virtual webinar titled “Customer Experience Trends, Challenges and Innovations” to Customer Contact Week (CCW) 2021 #CCWDigital hosted by Matt Wujciak, CCW Market Research Analyst.

During my session, Matt shared that CCW’s research showed 60% of consumers prioritize their customer experience when deciding which brands to purchase from. A majority will switch to a competitor after a negative customer service experience. He also explained that research shows that consumers judge their customer service experience on speed, efficiency, and accuracy of information.

Contact Centers are often the meeting point for consumers and a brand. Matt and I spoke about how Shiftsmart manages call volume spikes in minutes with no sacrifice to quality, and that we are seeing the intersection of rising consumer expectations, increasing competition, and advancing technology.

During our conversation we discussed the top three needs of a contact center:

  1. Dynamically spike up and down to meet demand to minimize hold times and abandon rates
  2. Maintain a high bar of quality in the information and presentation from agents during  calls with consumers at scale
  3. Deliver economic efficiency to the company through increased sales or decreased costs

As a leader working with flexible contact centers, Shiftsmart has seen the structural shift in the labor market with the launch of an on-demand economy. For the first time, hourly workers are able to tap into on-demand labor markets, and Shiftsmart provides the connection point for both employers and hourly workers. Shiftsmart delivers economic efficiency for companies with a quality customer service experience for the consumer, all while providing workers flexibility through fractionalized shifts and allowing them to choose when to work to meet their needs.

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