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Safety audits that deliver

Make Quick Informed Business Decisions

Shiftsmart business audits rely on our 300,000+ workers in 25 countries to perform quantitative
and qualitative evaluations of hospitality and retail experiences. Shiftsmart is helping
businesses around the world navigate how to reopen -- and stay open -- safely during the
COVID-19 pandemic.

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Ensure Operational Excellence
Shiftsmart safety audits give your business eyes on the ground when you need it most
and insights you can act on for better business results and that ensure a safe, consistent, and
compelling experience for customers. When you can’t visit every location, trust Shiftsmart
business audits for incomparable market research and retail intelligence. We evaluate sales
performance, operational compliance, and more so you can maintain your standards and
maximize your customer experience.

Shiftsmart Delivers Fast and Efficient Results

Increase Visibility and Optimize Operations

Discover how Shiftsmart business audits help you maintain your standards and maximize your customer experience.
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Safety audits that deliver consistent results

A leading hospitality and hotel company protects its brand and its guests with Shiftsmart safety
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Safety Audits That Deliver.
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