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Case Studies


Companies set strict national standards for physical merchandising, pricing promotions, assisted sales campaigns. Due to the distributed nature of store operations, execution of these standards are left to regional store leaders and third-party vendors who, despite agreeing to detailed SLAs, are often left relatively unchecked and rely on self-reported metrics and non- causal sales numbers. Brands and retailers can deploy routine audits into targeted store locations to confirm the execution of brand standards laid out in the SLA.


Clients work with Shiftsmart to deploy physical audits understand the state of their in-store presence in real time:

  • Are our pricing and display promotions being executed in- store?
  • Do my products have high on-shelf availability or is there a back-shelf inventory problem?
  • Are my field training and merchandising vendors showing up to their shifts?

Case Study


Global Consumer Product Manufacturer


Shiftsmart launched a national campaign deploying thousands of workers into brick-and-mortar locations:

  • Audited in-store physical merchandise fixtures, inventory, and staffing presence against SLA-driven expectations.
  • Flagged specific issues at non-compliant locations using visual evidence.


Short term: Identified specific non-compliant locations to target for immediate improvement.

Long Term: Unsatisfactory overall results across specific third-party staffing and merchandising vendors allowed client to re-negotiate and enforce SLAs and clawback vendor fees.


The web has heavily influenced brick-and-mortar sales. Nearly two-thirds of shoppers engage in ‘webrooming’ -- researching a product online before buying in-store. Customers learn about products online and visit stores to get expert recommendations from associates before making a purchase.

A recent PwC study found that in Consumer Electronics, 60% of customers prefer to do research online, and 52% still prefer purchasing products in a store, with a quarter shopping exclusively in-store.


Clients work with Shiftsmart to deploy secret shopping understand in-store experiences in real time:

  • Are associates knowledgable about my products, and key benefits and features?
  • How often are associates recommending our products first? How often are the part of the overall consideration set?
  • Do results change based on different shopper scenarios? How can my training programs become more customized to meet the needs of customers in different scenarios?

Case Study


Global Consumer Web & Hardware Company


Shiftsmart managed a national longitudinal study of customer experience when interacting with retail sales employees:

  • Measured store associate responses to different shopper scenarios.
  • Audited store associate customer process for selling and demoing products against training specifications and Brand USPs.


Short term: Generate insights from 5,000 store visits to understand customer experience impact on market share and launch targeted micro-initiatives (i.e., seeding demo products at local stores to drive associate recommendation and largest correlated driver).

Long Term: Re-aligned training programs and standards to real- world customer needs, improving store associate knowledge ratings by 50%.


Branding teams identify various product benefits leading up to new launches to drive messaging and marketing.

Understanding which of these benefits are most important to potential customers allows teams to dedicated budget to promoting the most important drivers for consumers.


Clients work with Shiftsmart to use our distributed national talent pool as a diverse market research panel

  • Which of my marketing messages resonate most with potential customers?
  • What benefits of my product are non-factors to customers?

Case Study


Global Branding Team


Shiftsmart performed a consumer analysis of drivers of choice, purchasing factors, and retail merchandising noticeability.

The analysis included a conjoint study simulating the most effective drivers of purchase from a set of multiple criteria.


Our study resulted in a realignment of marketing messaging to emphasize the most important drivers of choice for consumers in the category, and a pull back of spend in areas that were identified as non-impactful for consumers.

These results have been featured in national campaigns for the launch of a major consumer product.