Find Talent

Search a national talent pool by filtering for certifications, previous employers, experience, and availability

Message and interview directly through advanced screening tools such as video resumes and more!

Flex your Workforce

Schedule recurring and one-time shifts to pools or qualified talent that is nearby and available - flex up and down as needed

Input and manage your own internal workforce or tap into the Shiftsmart talent pool of 80K+ partners for shift fulfillment

Communicate Effectively

SMS or message in application any member or groups on your team from a dashboard integrating shifts, worker profiles, and labor pools for better shift fulfillment

Train, credential, and rate on a per shift basis for better performance management

How Does It Work?

  • Find Workers

    Stop waiting for applications to trickle in. Create saved searches to see available and qualified talent nearby at any moment

  • Schedule Effectively

    Create detailed weekly schedules that fit any type of task, route, shift, or project. Automatically assign work to your team or send optional requests

  • Create Private Pools & Participate in Shared Pools

    Organize your team based on their unique certifications, skills, preferences, or ratings. Use these pools and shared public pools with other employers or other locations of your company to fulfill unmet staffing needs

  • Communicate Effectively

    Leverage context rich integrated SMS and in-app messaging to fulfill shifts faster and facilitate shift swaps, on-site questions, and overall workforce management

What You’ll Get

Direct Recruitment

Worker Profile Management

Smart Worker Pooling

Worker Scheduling

Last Minute Dispatch

Shared Pools

Automated Task Matching & Dispatch

SMS & In-App Messaging


Shiftsmart’s horizontal platform can be used to create industry specific solutions touching multiple functions within an organization from operations, to human resources, to sales.

Field Marketing

Shiftsmart helps brands and retailers manage and measure their customer experiences and answer key executional questions across the organization.

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Field Services

Shiftsmart helps service providers transform into nimble, on-demand providers with automated dispatch and real-time worker mapping and management.

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Field Staffing and Logistics

Shiftsmart helps organizations fulfill talent acquisition all the way from sourcing to scheduling.

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